Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to ensure everything is intuitive and operating smoothly, but sometimes issues arise. Please check here for answers to any questions you might have. Thanks!

Why does the game keep freezing?

Please be sure you're using an officially supported browser and you're connected to the internet. If you are, please let us know which game is freezing and what you're doing when it freezes. Contact us here.

Why won't the game load?

Please be sure you're using an officially supported browser and you're connected to the internet. If you are, you can try to clear your cache. You can find instructions here, or simply google it. If you're still having trouble, please reach out to us.

What systems / browsers do you support?

We officially support the following systems:

  • Windows 7+ Computers
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 10+
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
  • Android 4.4+ Tablets and Phones
    • Chrome
    • Samsung Browser
  • Apple MacOS 10+ Computers
    • Safari 7+
    • Chrome
  • Apple iOS iPad 3+, iPhone 4+, and some iPods
    • Safari 7+
    • Chrome
  • Amazon Tablets & Phones
    • Chrome
    • Silk

How do I turn sounds off?

You can turn sounds off for a game by accessing the gear shaped button in the top right corner of the game. Simply toggle the SFX option to turn sounds on and off.

My game progress is missing or my scores reset!

Game progress and scores are saved locally to a specific device. Please be sure that you're on the device you've previously played on. If you're on the same device, check that you're using the same web browser- scores obtained in Google Chrome won't be available in Safari. If you're still having trouble, let us know!

How do I play with my friends online?

None of our games offer playing with a friend over the internet at this time. The 2-Player option in our games means playing with someone sitting next to you, passing the device back and forth.

Where can I find game rules?

We don't currently post full game rules, but we might in the future. If you have a question about rules, contact us.

I don't agree with a game rule!

Well that is a bummer! Let us know which rules you don't like. Be as detailed as you can and consider providing links to the rules you agree with, then send them to us.

How can I contact you for help?

You can find our contact information on our contact page.