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  1. Select New Game or Custom Puzzle to choose a level to play
  2. Each puzzle starts out with a set of grid aligned cells
  3. Some cells will be filled in already, you need to fill in the others
  4. Fill the cells with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
  5. Press a cell to place a number or remove a number at the cell
  6. Use the number bar at the bottom, your mouse wheel, or press and drag to change numbers


  • Adventure mode with 70 levels, more coming soon
  • Beautiful, subtly-animated environments to explore
  • Thousands of custom puzzles to choose from
  • Many different custom puzzle sizes
  • 4 custom puzzle difficulties
  • Automatic game saves so you can come back anytime
  • Calming music to keep you focused
  • Easy to use interface
  • Free to play!

About Hidoku


Hidoku starts with a partially filled in grid of numbers. The grid can be any size or shape and there are a number to choose from in Custom Puzzle mode.

Your job is to fill the grid with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonnally. The game ends when you've connected all cells in order to complete the number sequence.

The first and last number of the sequence are always provided. They're marked by an extra ring around the number. Every Hidoku puzzle has exactly one solution.


  • Press an empty cell to place a number
  • Press on a guessed cell to remove a number
  • Use the number bar at the bottom of the screen to change numbers
  • You can also press and drag up / down anywhere on the background to change numbers
  • Press a "revealed" cell to toggle between the next and previous number


  • Each Hidoku puzzle has exactly one solution that can be found with pure logic
  • Sometimes it is better to start at the end or middle of the puzzle
  • Working backward, by counting down, might help with some puzzles
  • The first and last numbers are always shown by a white ring
  • If you have trouble with the controls, just try pressing different things! There are many hidden control ticks.


There are so many different types of math and logic puzzles out there. Sudoku is the most well known. Hidoku is a lot like Sudoku and is sometimes called Number Snake. It is also similar to another logic puzzle game called Hidato™, a registered trademark of Doo-Bee Toys & Games LTD, but it has a different grid system and a lovely adventure!